How does the DDoS Protection work?

We have sensors to detect attacks everywhere in the network. When a suspicious pattern is detected, traffic toward that IP is redirected for mitigation in the same datacenter Security Cloud. In very rare cases, inbound capacity of a single Security Cloud might be overwhelmed and it triggers automatically a global "hijacking" of the attacked IP in some, if not all Security Clouds. The process of detecting, filtering and hijacking is completely automated and it is so fast that it seems to be in real-time.

How does the Game DDoS Protection work?

Every single IP that receives traffic from the internet through us may be protected against any type of game DDoS attack. After the traffic has been filtered by the Security Cloud it will then be sent to our game filter which will then detect any recognised patterns which we know to be related to game DDoS attacks and filter it out only leaving legitimate traffic to flow through unaffected.

Do you offer custom servers?

Yeah, we can build custom servers all you need to do is send us an email of the exact specifications you want, we will then prepare a quote and a custom order - once paid we will build and deploy your server. Sometimes custom server builds will require for you to pay a small setup fee to cover any components that cannot be re-used by ourselves.

How much bandwidth is included with each server?

All our dedicated servers come with a dedicated 1Gbps uplink as default, with our standard ranged dedicated servers this comes with 10TB bandwidth and with our game ranged dedicated servers it will come with 5-10TB bandwidth, upgrades are available at anytime just send us a email. However we do have a fair-usage policy in regards to bandwidth you can read more about this here

What happens if my dedicated servers hardware fails?

If you're leasing a dedicated server and hardware fails it is our responsibility to replace it, no cost will be incurred on you. If your server hardware cannot be successfully diagnosed, we will move you to a entirely new machine along with all your data assuming the hardware that failed was not your disks. However if you're colocating your dedicated servers and you have a hardware failure there will be a small fee to pay for a replacement.

How long will my order take to be provisioned?

All orders are usually provisioned within 1 - 3 business days maximum, however we usually can get your order provisioned the same day depending on stock at that specific time. You can email us before making your order to ask us for a estimated time that your order would take to be fully provisioned.

Can I rent more IPv4 addresses?

Yes, we can provide more IPv4 addresses for £1.40 each, just send us a email with how many you require. PLease note RIPE justification may be required.